August 2024
Orders placed BEFORE THURSDAY AUGUST 1st, at 4 PM ET
Guaranteed to ship by AUGUST 2nd
MCSV Production will be CLOSED from Friday, August 2nd, 4 PM ET
RE-OPENING Monday, August 26th, 10 AM ET


This unusual business tradition started as a necessity when the same people who harvested the seaweeds also packaged and sold them! They realized they could not do both AND have enough product to sell year-round. 

These days it’s become part of our sustainability practices for the resource, facility & employees! This choice:

  • Allows our inventory of wild seaweeds to build up during the peak of the harvest season so we have a better sense of how much we’ll have to work with for the year.
  • Allows our facility to have needed maintenance done, so it is in top working order the rest of the year.
  • Allows our team to enjoy the rural and wild place they choose to live and families to spend time together. Studies show a significant increase in happiness, productivity, and quality of work from a well-rested team.

During this time our website remains an information resource, however we do not accept or fulfill orders, nor are we available to regularly respond to customer inquiries.

The dates change a bit each year, but generally we stop taking orders in mid-July and return around Labor Day.