Summer Sale - Save 15% on MCSV seaweed products at checkout

Thanks to the efficiency of the MCSV production team, this year we are able to offer a summer sale before we have our Annual Shutdown (August 2 - 25).

Save on all MCSV branded seaweed products: whole leaf, powders, granules and flakes, as well as Seaweed Support, Kelp Krunch, Sea Seasonings and Starter Kits. The discount will automatically be applied to your order and the offer ends on Monday, July 22nd at midnight ET.

Sale does not include bath & body products, teas, clothing, books and other accessories.

Stock up before we take a break!


PLACE YOUR ORDER BEFORE Thursday August 1st at 4 PM, ET

Web store Re-opening Friday August 23rd

MCSV production restarting Monday August 26th at 10 AM ET

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