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430 Washington Junction Rd, Hancock, ME 04640
Office/sales/outreach/creative, etc.
Full time Year round

We seek a new team member, at our Hancock facility, who: values curiosity & transparency, has enthusiasm and understanding of what keeps a small business going. Who is interested in a positive, collaborative work environment. Who is willing to jump in where the pressure point is. Who can take the lead or just be part of the team as needed. Does this sound like you? 

We have found that specific job descriptions often do not match the reality of a small business. Or limits the employee from exploring or sharing other talents and interests. MCSV is 50+ seasons strong and seeking a multi-faceted talented individual who will jump in where needed and grow with us. 

Every great MCSV employee starts with learning the products, packages, and general flow of supply & sales by spending the first weeks (min) with our production team. Every employee here, at some point, is likely to jump into production from time to time, allowing things to keep moving. This baseline is key to success in every other job within the company!

We are seeking an employee who is comfortable working in many areas of a small business, such as but not limited to; outreach, sales, customer service, problem solving, creative/visual, organization, etc and apply a knowledge (or at least appreciation) of food across it all. Your broad range of experience may be put to work in the following ways; in no particular order, not limited to and with no existing timeline: 

  • Learn to back up customer service; light sales, learn our ERP system, gain a knowledge of seaweed     
  • Recipe development, blog posts, outreach/demo’s, regional “sales calls” to stores    
  • Put your organizational skills to use; we ALWAYS learn things and improve when fresh eyes come on to the team
  • Cross-train over time to provide coverage     
  • Data upkeep for our web site and ERP system; monitor, submit tickets to get things fixed, and generally monitor a number of things.
  • Help research and troubleshoot
  • Purchase as well as occasionally help research new options and help the management team know what options there are to pick from or decide with (new brand of tape, new equipment, when we can’t source something, a new idea an employee has, etc.)
  • Improve and expand our social media presence
  • Assist to manage projects; new or existing or job share them. (i.e. in no particular order; labels, graphics/ads, product development, lobby/education center, event display, etc.).

Are you interested in learning many things to give us depth and capacity, while bringing in new exciting energy and your applicable skills assisting with moving a few long-term projects forward?

For the right candidate we’ll develop a job with you…..

See Production Associate job description for benefits etc.


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